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Since 1994, Albedo, an early sunrise light in French, has set the objectives to always explore new directions in hand made products, to set new standards of quality in every single step and to devote full attention to small details.

Albedo was recognized for its high quality and good value products in 2011 and 2014 at the Mipei Fair, Milan’s oldest and biggest leather goods fair.  Albedo was the first Asian brand to receive such prestigious awards.


Albedo is concerned about the environment and has worked with suppliers to develop environmentally friendly leather and vegetable tanned leather which is the traditional way of tanning leather without using chemicals.   At present, half of products are crafted of chemical free leather.


All Albedo products are created with three important concepts:

  1.  Small and precise details in quality – starting from product design, selection of material, and assembly technique.

  2. Design and function.

  3. Constant innovation and seeking differentiation. 

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