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— Albedo Present —


— About Me —

Albedo started 1994 in Bangkok, an expansion of expert Hand Made Leather Office Accessories since 1982.

Albedo, early sunrise light in french, has for objective to always explore new directions in hand made products, to set new standards of quality in every single steps and spending full attention to small details.

Known worldwide the high quality value of Albedo has being dominated as quality leather goods in 2011 and 2014 Mipel Fair, the world 50 years old biggest leather goods fair in Milan. Albedo was the first Asian brand dominated on such prestigious award.

All Albedo products are created with 3 important concepts:

1. Small and precise details in quality starting from product design, selection of material, handmade and assemble technique. Each bag is consist of and average of 70-100 parts of material, while wallet is around 40-60 pieces. These parts go through 200-300 operation process, all done with utmost attention and love.

2. Design and Function. The concept of offering satisfaction, go beyond the function of being a bag or wallet, it offers the personality together with function.

3. Always Innovate and being difference. The strength of Albedo is always being in the forefront in all aspect that inclusive of R&D material development, Hand Made technique, design and process improvement.

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